Blessed Kateri Catholic School

The concept of "Big Box of Cards" was initially presented through our School Council as an opportunity for people to purchase a product that, in essence, benefits the purchaser while at the same time benefiting the school. Given that the total value of the contents of the box outweighed the price being paid, families were afforded the opportunity to purchase these cards at a fraction of their actual cost and have them available for various special occasions as they arise. In the truest sense of the word it was a win-win situation for everyone... Bill Haber, Principal

250 event participants
$5800 in profits and prizes earned!

Lackner Woods Public School

Lackner Woods Public School recently completed a very successful fundraising campaign with Bigboxfundraising. Through the sale of the "Big Box of Cards" we were able to double the fundraising dollars we made in previous years. The "Big Box of Cards" proved to be a very attractive product to our community... Lackner Woods Fundraising Team

420 event participants
$7300 in profits and prizes earned!

Woodstock Co-operative Dance School

In addition to the product quality, Bigboxfundraising was exceptionally good to work with. The advanced samples you provided made it much easier to obtain orders when people were able to demonstrate how great the product was. Your assistance with incentives was a very powerful motivator for the kids... Jenn Burns, Director of Fundraising

220 event participants
$3300 in profits and prizes earned!

John Darling Public School

As mentioned by School Council was that the cards were great quality and that there were absolutely no complaints about the product or delivery. Ashley made sure we had what we needed to ensure a successful fundraiser with our school community. We would definitely work with Ashley and his company again for a fundraising initiative... Nancy Woodhall, Principal

200 event participants
$3400 in profits and prizes earned!

Doon Public School

One of the greatest challenges of organizing a successful school fundraising campaign, especially for a Grade 7 and 8 population, is coming up with a new and novel idea, combining it with a product that provides good quality for an affordable price, and a product that people find useful and valuable. The "Big Box of Cards" offered all of this to us at Doon. As a result... Don Oberle, Principal

300 event participants
$4800 in profits and prizes earned!

Kinghurst Community School

I want to express our delight with the ease and profitability of our recent all occasion card fundraising campaign... Jill Nebb, Principal

200 event participants
$2600 in profits and prizes earned!
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